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"Our daily combat, your price and quality health for everyone"

"The world is evolving and globalization is bringing us closer together each day; it is up to us to develop the best synergy in order to create new ideas, to make them grow and to provide solutions to the men and women of our society. Néohm chose this vision to respond with you to the change-overs and the constraints of the healthcare market.

To do so, we have set up several strategic directions with clear priorities, to maximally rationalize all of our activities in order to optimize the cost of our solutions for our clients, while ensuring them abolutely perfect quality.
We honor this committment by taking a direct approach to global outsourcing and by manufacturing all our products with different points of expertise that we have identified and approved on-site to comply with your requirements.

Néohm has established a closeness with its clients or buying groups from the medical estblishment, in order to give rise to new projects and to intelligently enrich a partnership for the health and well-being of the patient.
Our ethics require us to fundamentally consider each of our missions and to also recognize the limits of our know-how, in so that we prefer to have some things done by other professionals.

In order to ensure its challenges, Néohm appeals to its strong values: creativity, courage, work, and excellence, but also the respect for people and their culture.

Our passion is to improve our competency and your performance everyday. "

Cédric Vigo.


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